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We are the number ONE website for weddings in Somerset, and have been online since 2001 and involved in the Somerset Wedding scene since 1989.

We are without doubt the Number ONE place to advertise your Wedding service or Venue in Somerset. We are well respected by Google for most Somerset Wedding Services.

Are you wasting your advertising budget in the Yellow Pages and local Newspapers ?

Only about 2% of Somerset people marry each 98% of the newspaper readers ARE NOT looking for your services

VEEVERYONE who visits our site is looking for Somerset Wedding Services.........not used cars, houses for sale etc.

Yellow pages is being overtaken by the Internet - how much will an extra advert on cost you in addition ?

We have provided Value for Money, Targeted advertising for local wedding professionals since 1997 & believe that:

c Local is BEST - we prefer to list local businesses

   A WHOLE year's advertising on our site should cost the same as a SINGLE WEEK'S advertising in a local newspaper

A An advert on our site will normally be cheaper than pay per click listings

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